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Better Marketing Starts With Better Audiences

With Caitlin Erickson

34 minutes

Build and grow your business with Yelp

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Every month, 79 million unique users come to Yelp to search for a business or service,* and 97% make a purchase after visiting.** Yelp’s newest off-platform advertising solution, Yelp Audiences, promotes your business to this ready-to-spend crowd across the web. Tune into this on-demand webinar to learn how to target ads to your ideal audience.

Whether it’s consumers looking for what you provide or business owners in specific industries, Yelp Audiences can get your business in front of them. You’ll learn how other brands are getting more out of their display, video, and CTV campaigns using Yelp Audiences and how you can, too.

*Q1 2022 monthly average from Comscore
**June 2019 survey by SurveyMonkey; audience of people who reported having used Yelp in the prior three months


Caitlin Erickson Senior Manager of Enterprise Marketing at Yelp

Caitlin has over 15 years of experience in sales and marketing, spending the last decade at Yelp working with a range of businesses—from small and growing entrepreneurs to large enterprises and brands. In her current role, she oversees branding and performance marketing for Yelp Enterprise & Brand sales. She directs the strategy and implementation of marketing campaigns across channels to drive new and qualified leads for Yelp’s Enterprise & Brand account specialists. In her personal life, she loves hiking and camping with her husband, two boys, and dog, Muffin. When she’s not outdoors, you’ll find her cooking, spending hours on real estate apps, or binge watching NCIS reruns.

Grow your business with Yelp

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