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Tuesday, Sep. 27 at 1 p.m. ET


Measure the Impact of Your Ads With Ease

With Caitlin Erickson and Tala Zuraiqat

With marketing budgets at historic lows and marketing teams revisiting their approach and strategy, it’s crucial to have fast, accurate, and robust measurement capabilities to track your advertising progress against your KPIs. Join our panel discussion to learn from folks in marketing, product and analytics on how integral measurement is to growing your business and how Yelp has simplified meaningful reporting for all types of conversions—from store visits to transactions and beyond.

Please note: The date of this webinar has been postponed until sometime in October. Check back here for more details soon, or send us a quick email and we will let you know once the new date is confirmed.


A special webinar for regional and national advertisers

With marketing budgets at historic lows and more than 70% of marketing orgs changing their prioritization of marketing investments*, it’s become increasingly important to accurately measure the impact of marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to do and even more difficult to do well. To help ease the process, Yelp offers a suite of user-friendly attribution tools that prove how advertising products are highly effective at meeting and exceeding KPIs.

Join our panel discussion with folks from marketing, product and analytics to learn more about how they’re working on measurement today, what challenges they face, and what solutions they’re using. We’ll also cover more on Yelp’s first- and third-party measurement tools that measure the impact of your Yelp advertising campaigns. These tools are simple to implement and even easier to read and understand.

In this webinar, you’ll hear more about:

  • Viewpoints from industry experts across marketing, product, and analytics on attribution
  • Each customer interaction Yelp can track from your campaigns
  • Yelp’s first-party attribution capabilities, including Yelp Store Visits
  • Yelp’s third-party attribution partners, such as Cuebiq, LiveRamp, and more
  • How easy it is to implement attribution solutions at Yelp
  • Custom measurement methodologies to capture all actions that drive toward your KPIs

*Gartner 2022 CMO Spend Survey


Caitlin Erickson Senior Manager of Enterprise Marketing at Yelp

Caitlin has over 15 years of experience in sales and marketing, spending the last decade at Yelp working with a range of businesses—from small and growing entrepreneurs to large enterprises and brands. In her current role, she oversees branding and performance marketing for Yelp Enterprise & Brand sales. She directs the strategy and implementation of marketing campaigns across channels to drive new and qualified leads for Yelp’s Enterprise & Brand account specialists. In her personal life, she loves hiking and camping with her husband, two boys, and dog, Muffin. When she’s not outdoors, you’ll find her cooking, spending hours on real estate apps, or binge watching NCIS reruns.

Tala Zuraiqat Product Manager, Multi-Loc Business at Yelp

Tala has spent her career in the advertising media space, working on the agency side and the publisher side. During her agency days, she helped clients across retail, quick service restaurant and banking verticals achieve their business goals through effective media strategy and robust measurement plans. For the last few years, she’s been focused on building out measurement products to help enterprise, mid-market and agency businesses understand how their media plans perform against key performance indicators. At Yelp, she has been the Attribution Product Manager owning the product strategy for our first party products (including Yelp Store Visits) and our integrations with third party measurement providers.

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