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033122-podcast Paluca

Why Fit In When Your Business Can Stand Out

At Paluca Trattoriia, customers can watch aquatic life swim in the bay while eating delicious meals. Reviewer Valerie A. shares her experience utilizing Yelp to find this classic Italian meal amidst a relatively touristy location, and what made it stand out.
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032422-podcast Toister

How to Save Time and Money by Analyzing Your Reviews

Jeff Toister, author of The Service Culture Handbook, explains how evaluating your online reviews can save you time, and improve your business. Digging into what people are saying about you online can help improve customer service and increase sales.
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031722-podcast the quarter

Turning Mistakes into Learning Opportunities

Hear how Norm Theard continues his family’s legacy through authentic comfort food and excellent service at his restaurant, The Quarter Creole Cuisine. Reviewer Steff B. shares her memorable dining experience and what left her longing to return to this Claremont staple.
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031022-podcast Paper Route

You Could Call It An Adventure

Paper Route Bakery owner Aaron Seriff-Cullick shares his experiences—both the good and the not so good—in taking his business from his tiny apartment in Austin to a full-fledged bakery, plus the lessons he learned along the way.
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Podcast 030322 Alpenglow

Prioritizing Relationships Over Sales

At Alpenglow Sports, the culture creates a customer-forward approach to the atmosphere in the shop. In this episode, hear how the knowledge and expertise shared by the staff instilled confidence in reviewer Sheena.
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022022 podcast Brad Davis

The Unexpected Benefits of Competition

From maintaining organized communication with clients to collaborating with competitors, building relationships is crucial for any business. Real estate guru Brad Davis shares his tips and tricks for navigating a dynamic market.
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020322 podcast Music Box

Shaping a Healthy Workplace Culture

Having been around since before the Great Depression, Chicago’s Music Box Theatre has seen a lot over the decades. Current senior operations manager Buck LePard discusses the evolution of the historic venue and how they’ve built such a tight-knit workplace culture.
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012722 podcast Tempoe

Clear Communication is Always Key

Tempoe Entertainment DJs in Southern California seeks to create a party atmosphere anywhere and anytime. Ryan, or DJ Tempoe, shares how teamwork, cross-training, and clear communication with clients are key to curating the perfect mood for any event.
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012022 podcast Shear Bliss

Your Expert Opinion vs. the Customer’s Wants

Shear Bliss NYC Salon owner Lana Kurayeva is a board-certified colorist with over a decade of experience, but that's not the only thing that keeps her customers coming back—it's the way she shares her knowledge and listens to what they truly want.
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011322 podcast Cranky Als2

Building a Lasting Local Presence

Cranky Al’s is undoubtedly a staple of the Milwaukee area. Hear from Manager Joey Carioti and reviewer Chadrick J. about what makes this small, local business special and how it continues to thrive.
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121621 podcast Best of 20212

The Best Advice from Year One

In a look at the best advice shared on Behind the Review in its first year, business owners talk about the stressors and realities of online reviews, and consumers share what makes them want to write a review.
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120921 podcast Closet America2

A Combination of Communication and Organization

Closet America is all about organization, beauty, and joy. Owner Skip LaBella shares how they stay connected over the sometimes-lengthy process, from getting a quote to the final installation day. Reviewer Rae M. shares what stood out most about her interactions with the company.
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120222 podcast DOYA2

Making the Details Count

Hear from Rob van den Blink, founder of DOYA, a unique, meze-style restaurant in the heart of Miami, and reviewer Joe D., who shares how DOYA's ambiance, menu, and service have made him a regular at the restaurant.
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111821 podcast west coast animal hospital

The Importance of Communication

According to Dr. Megan Gibbings and her husband Tom, communication is the most important component of their successful veterinary practice. Client Courtney shares what stood out to her about West Coast Animal Hospital and what inspired her to write a review.
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111121 Bird Bird Biscuit podcast

This is Fun for Us

Bird Bird Biscuit has never stopped trying to make its biscuit just a little bit better—and this is representative of how they approach everything. From the customer experience to employee satisfaction, owner Brian Batch explains his mantra, "This is fun for us."
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111121 House Meraki podcast

Taking Advantage of Going Virtual

Interior design firm House Meraki has established themselves as a client-driven firm. Hear about how they helped reviewer Jéssica make the most out of her rental bedroom... entirely virtually.
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