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Resources to plan your small business

When you’re thinking about starting your own business, get off on the right foot by planning ahead—from determining what licenses you’ll need to drafting up your business plan.


Plan your business: top articles

Recruitment strategies: applicant shaking hands with an employee

5 recruitment strategies to hire the best employees

Use these top recruitment strategies to stand out from the noise and and captivate well-qualified job seekers.
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Esthetician business plan: woman at a beauty salon

How to create an esthetician business plan

Learn how to create an esthetician business plan that brings your passion for skincare to life and sets a solid foundation before launching.
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Daycare business plan: teachers playing with their students

How to craft an effective daycare business plan

The right daycare business plan attracts investors and sets your business up for long-term success. Include these 7 sections in your business plan.
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Car detailing business plan: car detailer polishing a car

How to create a polished car detailing business plan

Learn how a car detailing business plan can boost growth whether you’re launching a new company or running an existing shop.
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9 employee retention ideas

9 employee retention ideas for keeping top talent

Use these employee retention ideas to retain top talent and improve the employee experience for everyone in your workplace. 
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Product research: entrepreneur working using her laptop

6 simple tips to do product research online

Brainstorming an exciting new product? Learn how to do quick and easy preliminary product research without spending money, hiring a consultant, or wasting time.
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Break even analysis: employees discussing documents and using a laptop

How to conduct a break-even analysis in 3 easy steps

Use this 3-step, break-even analysis to get hard facts that will help you see if your business idea can consistently cover associated costs.
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Business ideas with low investment: entrepreneur opening his store

6 great business ideas with low investment

Check out these six business ideas with low investment to become your own boss without spending a lot of money upfront.
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How to write an effective food truck business plan

Follow this guide to create a food truck business plan that will help you make better business decisions and access the funding you need.
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Sole proprietorship vs. LLC: choosing the ideal structure

When it comes to sole proprietorship vs. LLC, learn which business structure is the best option for your small business or startup.
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How to categorize expenses for small business: entrepreneur using a laptop

How to categorize expenses for small business

Learn how to categorize expenses for small business so you can maximize your tax deductions and boost your budget.
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How to calculate profit margin and boost profitability

How to calculate profit margin and boost profitability

Learn how to calculate profit margin (and ways to improve it) so you can keep your small business in tip-top financial shape.
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What is a vision statement: entrepreneur happily working

What is a vision statement and how do I create one?

What is a vision statement? It’s a goal for what you want your company to achieve in the future. Use these examples and tips to create your own.
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Spa business planning: woman getting a facial at a spa

Spa business planning: how to build a roadmap for success

Spa business planning gives you a chance to proactively think about your company's future. Learn six steps to plan successfully.
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What is a value proposition: man using a computer

How to write a value proposition for your small business

What is a value proposition? Here’s what you need to know about this valuable statement and how to craft one of your own.
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How to patent a product: man happily comparing a photo of a robot to a real version

How to patent a product and protect your idea

Learn how to patent a product to avoid copycats and maximize your success.
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Entrepreneur researching how to trademark business name

How to trademark a business name and protect your brand

Follow these steps to trademark a business name, protect your brand, and create a greater impression for consumers.
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yoga studio business plans

How to write winning yoga studio business plans

The best yoga studio business plans will guide you as your business launches and grows. Here’s how to write one.
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Small business web design: woman designing a website

Small business web design tips to build your own site

Learn how to create your own small business web design with these ideas that can boost your online presence.
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Dog daycare business plan: woman playing with dogs

How to write a dog daycare business plan in 6 steps

Learn how to create a dog daycare business plan that sets you up for success in the growing pet services industry.
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Woman building a free website for small business

How to build a free website for small business

Start building an effective online presence on a budget with this guide to building a free website for small business.
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Small business startup costs: business partners working together

How to prepare for your small business startup costs

Starting a company can be risky without proper planning. Use this guide to learn about small business startup costs so you aren’t left in the dark.
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4 tips for crafting a business mission statement

4 tips for crafting a business mission statement

Learn what a business mission statement is, why it's important, and which actionable steps you can take to craft one of your own. 
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How to write a press release: happy woman in a virtual meeting

How to write a press release that gets attention

Discover the step-by-step process for how to write a press release to share news about your small business.
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