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Resources to advertise your small business

Spreading the word about your business is key to attracting and retaining customers, connecting with your community, and boosting your reputation. Choose from dozens of advertising techniques to stand out and get ahead of the competition.


Advertise your business: top articles

Self-service advertising for small businesses

Self-service advertising for small businesses

Learn about self-service advertising and how it can be an effective and affordable option for your online marketing plans.
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Digital ads examples: a small business advertising guide

Digital ads examples: a small business advertising guide

Here’s what you need to know about digital ads, along with six digital ads examples that demonstrate the formats available to you.
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Advertising budget: woman using a calculator and a laptop

How to create an effective advertising budget 

Learn how to create a strategic advertising budget that helps you manage your spending, generate leads, and boost sales.
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What is a marketing strategy: employees working together

What is a marketing strategy? Everything you need to know

What is a marketing strategy, how is it different from a marketing plan, and how can a small business owner create one? This guide covers it all.
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Woman and man planning at table

Why is advertising important for small businesses?

Why is advertising important? Learn how it significantly increases your brand’s exposure to relevant shoppers.
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5 examples to help you craft a slogan for business campaigns

What is a slogan for business, and how do you create one? Here’s what you need to know, along with five stellar examples.
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plastic surgery marketing

5 plastic surgery marketing tips to build your clientele

Discover five plastic surgery marketing ideas to reach potential patients and bring back previous clients.
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Attorney marketing: attorney shaking hands with a client

6 attorney marketing tips to take your firm to the top

Use this attorney marketing guide to define your firm's brand, gain the trust of potential clients, and generate new leads.
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Customer engagement marketing: entrepreneur using a laptop

6 effective customer engagement marketing strategies

Get people excited about your business with customer engagement marketing strategies for email, social media, and more.
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Small business advertising: entrepreneur using a laptop

8 budget-friendly small business advertising ideas

Discover five ideas to build your small business advertising strategy, plus three tips to get you the most out of your ad campaigns.
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5 furniture advertisement ideas not to leave on the table

Discover five tactics you can add to your furniture advertisement strategy to generate leads and boost business.
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How to market a clothing brand in 8 strategic steps

Follow this guide to learn how to market a clothing brand that brings your fashion creations to life.
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What is A/B testing: marketer analyzing data

What is A/B testing? 7 ways to optimize your campaigns

What is A/B testing? Learn how this technique works along with seven A/B testing examples to help your marketing efforts.
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Brand storytelling: woman using a laptop

Brand storytelling: how to tell a story that drives sales

Discover what brand storytelling is, why it’s important, and how you can use it to create a highly memorable brand.
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Buyer persona examples: team brainstorming and writing on sticky notes

4 buyer persona examples to help you build your own

Creating buyer personas helps you zero in on your customer needs so you can meet them. Use these buyer persona examples to inspire your own.
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What is guerrilla marketing: designers working together

What is guerrilla marketing? 5 examples to grow your business 

What is guerrilla marketing? Learn how to leverage it for your business and discover creative examples to jumpstart your next campaign.
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Team meeting about market segmentation

5 types of market segmentation to improve your reach

Learn why marketing segmentation works for small businesses and how market segments can help improve your customer reach.
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Spa marketing ideas: woman relaxing in a pool

7 spa marketing ideas to engage new and returning clients

Try these spa marketing ideas to attract potential clients, keep current customers engaged, and improve customer loyalty.
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Home services marketing: plumber fixing a bathroom sink

7 low-cost home services marketing and advertising tips

Discover four home services marketing strategies and three tips to run effective ads for your small business.
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5 brand elements you need to create a memorable brand

5 brand elements you need to create a memorable brand

Discover five brand elements to help your small business stand out no matter your industry, plus find examples of successful brands. 
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Law firm marketing: Female lawyer reviewing documents with client

Law firm marketing: 6 steps for a stronger online presence

Law firms once turned to billboards and TV commercials to advertise. But times have changed. Discover law firm marketing tactics for the digital age.
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5 small business marketing strategies to grow your brand online

Discover five small business marketing strategies that have been shown to work for a wide range of businesses.
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Professional services marketing: team brainstorming ideas

How to create a professional services marketing plan

Discover 8 ways to find and reach the right customers with your professional services marketing plan.
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Auto repair shop advertising ideas: mechanic repairing a car

5 auto repair shop advertising ideas to generate leads

Use these five auto repair shop advertising ideas to take advantage of the opportunities that modern ads offer.
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