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7 low-cost home services marketing and advertising tips

Home services marketing: plumber fixing a bathroom sink

Key takeaways

  • Use local SEO and video content to reach the most consumers 
  • List your business on the relevant online platforms, including Yelp, to build your reputation as a home services provider
  • ​Focus on niche audiences when running ads to make the most of your small business budget

Personal referrals and newspaper listings once drove the home services industry. Today, 70% of customers read between one and six reviews online before making a purchase, causing much of the marketing ecosystem, including home services marketing, to prioritize digital-first methods. 

Business owners are no longer limited to reaching consumers one at a time or paying for expensive print ads. Instead, you can reach the masses on a small business budget through digital marketing. Discover four strategies to market your home services brand and three tips to run effective ads.

4 free home services marketing strategies

Many home services companies have long relied on word of mouth referrals for lead generation. However, there’s a limit to how far your personal network extends. 

Take your home services marketing online to maximize your potential customers—especially since smartphone/mobile commerce sales continue to increase each year. Use the following digital marketing strategies to get more quality leads.

1. Local search engine optimization

Ranking highly in search engine results is a powerful way to drive potential clients toward your home services business. More than half of all website traffic comes from organic search results—the web page suggestions that appear right below paid ads. The higher a website ranks, the more likely users are to click on it.

Local search engine optimization (SEO) helps you rank higher for certain terms that potential customers are searching, and it boosts your ranking for people who live in the geographical area you serve. By implementing SEO best practices with a local SEO checklist, you can feasibly become one of the top results for a local search term like “plumbers houston” or “electricians near me.”

Local SEO tactics include:

  • Adding local keywords (like “Miami HVAC technician”) throughout your website copy and business description on Yelp and social media profiles
  • Claiming your Yelp Business Page and adding your business details, such as phone number, address, and service area
  • Writing guest blogs for a trusted local website (like your local chamber of commerce) that include keywords related to your home service and links to your website

All of these tactics can signal to search engine algorithms that you’re a trusted and relevant local business so you can rank higher for the right audience. You should also consider doing a local SEO audit to help you assess how your site performs on local searches and how you can improve its visibility.

2. Video content marketing

Carpenter smoothening a wall

Video drives even more online traffic than search engines. In 2022, video is expected to make up 82% of all internet traffic. Creating helpful videos of your own can strengthen your online presence and set you apart from competitors.

As homeowners face challenges like roof leaks and overgrown lawns, many will turn to platforms like YouTube and Facebook to find answers. Filming how-to videos and other useful visual content allows you to offer value the moment  potential customers need your help.

Though sharing trade secrets might sound counterproductive, it’s a great way to establish your expertise and build customer trust. For example, potential customers might use your tips to paint their bedroom walls but keep you in mind for more complex projects like painting their home exterior—or if their DIY painting project didn’t turn out like they’d hoped. 

To ensure your videos show up in search results, include relevant keywords in your video titles and descriptions. For example, if you’re creating a video on drywall repair, be sure to include the keyword “how to repair drywall” in the description.

3. Online reviews

According to research, 93% of consumers read online reviews and testimonials before making a purchase. If you want homeowners to choose your business, you need an online reputation that shines. Aside from earning stellar reviews by providing a great customer experience, properly managing your reviews can help polish your reputation—especially when you receive negative feedback.

For instance, claiming your business profile on Yelp allows you to respond to reviews professionally and promptly so all of your customers feel heard. People who visit your page will see you care about your customers—including those who have complaints—which may encourage them to buy your product or service.


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4. Social media marketing

Home services marketing plans benefit greatly from using social media for small business growth. In the U.S., 72% of adults actively use social media. Many spend a significant part of the day scrolling through their feeds, giving you ample opportunity to get your message across.

Social media is an excellent channel for home services providers to demonstrate expertise with valuable posts, infographics, videos, and more. Plus, since social media is a two-way communication channel, you can engage directly with leads and customers. Use these channels to build long-term relationships with homeowners, whether or not you’ve provided a service to them.

3 home services advertising tips

Home services marketing: carpenter fixing a roof

Free home services marketing tactics can help you build relationships and reach many prospective customers over time, while paid ads can drive a large amount of traffic over the course of a short campaign. 

Ads don’t have to be costly either. For example, Yelp Ads lets you set your own budget and only pay when someone clicks, making ads more accessible for small businesses. Use these three tips to make the most out of any budget.


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1. Set goals before running ads

Before you start creating home services marketing ads, determine what the end result of each ad should be. For instance, you could aim to build brand awareness or increase conversions from social media. Setting goals will help you create better campaigns that get the intended results.

Make sure your goals are specific so you can track your progress. For example, if you want to increase the volume of phone calls to your business, specify how many calls you want each week. If you find that your ad campaigns aren’t helping reach your goal, pivot to these four types of digital advertising to grow your business

2. Target niche audiences

It’s expensive and often ineffective to go after a broad target audience (for example, all the women in your city) no matter what platform you’re advertising on. 

Since 43% of consumers prefer personalized ads, targeting niche audiences is the best way to stand out, save cash, and cater your message to potential customers. Even segmenting your audience into a few smaller groups (like women in your city that are ages 18-25 or 26-33) can help you achieve a better return on investment.

3. Track your ad performance

After launching your ad campaign, check its metrics at least weekly. Most online advertising platforms offer real-time analytics to make this step easy. If you’re not making good progress toward your goal, optimize your campaign.

Build a strong home services marketing plan

You don’t need to invest in a marketing agency to have a high-quality home services marketing plan. With these tips, you can set up effective online marketing campaigns that help you reach new customers, reengage current ones, and stand out from competitors in the home services industry. Then, when you’re ready to invest in digital advertising like Yelp Ads, make sure to set goals and narrow down your audience for the best results.

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