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How to market a cleaning business

How to market a cleaning business: team of cleaners cleaning a living room

Key takeaways 

  • Marketing puts you in contact with potential clients and showcases your competitive advantage over competitors
  • There are numerous marketing techniques for cleaning businesses, ranging from search engine optimization (SEO) to social media advertising 
  • A well-organized marketing effort conveys professionalism to your target market 

As a small business owner of a cleaning company, there’s no better time for you to tap into market growth. Health, wellness, and cleanliness are a top priority for many people, and the need for cleaning services is booming. Individuals and companies alike have a desire for clean spaces, and experts predict growth in the multi-billion dollar cleaning industry to exceed 7% in the year 2021.

At the same time, the growing need for cleaning services has also caused a spike in companies looking to dominate the market. If you own a cleaning service, it’s crucial to market your company to distinguish yourself from the competition and gain new leads. Discover how to market your cleaning business and leave your competition in the dust. 

Why marketing is essential for your cleaning business 

Whether you’re focusing on residential cleaning for homeowners or commercial cleaning for businesses, marketing your company is essential. 

For one, marketing informs your target audience—otherwise known as your ideal customer—about your business. A marketing campaign lets your customers know which services you offer, as well as what sets you apart (this is what’s known as your competitive advantage). 

Perhaps your prices are better than anyone else in the area; maybe your process is more thorough than your competitors because you use superior cleaning products; or perhaps you spent a lot of time in the industry and possess the technical know-how that other businesses don’t have. Whatever it is that sets you apart, marketing shares these selling points with your target market

Second, marketing efforts help you develop a professional reputation. In today’s world, it’s expected that businesses have: 

  • A website 
  • Social media pages
  • A Yelp Business Page 
  • An email address and contact information 

Marketing is reflective of your company’s character and values, and a strong marketing campaign can demonstrate that you’re a professional, reliable company. 

Lastly, marketing is critical for cleaning businesses because it allows you to grow your small business and increase sales. A well-developed marketing strategy puts you in contact with potential customers in your area. By educating your local market, keeping them engaged, and building a strong reputation behind your business name, you can turn those potential clients into new customers


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How to market a cleaning business 

How to market a cleaning business: team of cleaners cleaning an office

Use these tips to come up with effective marketing campaigns that will grow your cleaning business and increase your chances of landing new clients.

Identify your target audience

The first step in learning how to market a cleaning business is identifying your target audience. Perhaps you’re focused on office spaces in need of deep-cleaning, or maybe you’re targeting businesses who need routine janitorial services. 

Your target audience is the person or business who is best served by using your service—and who is most likely to return. For instance, a retailer who specializes in heavy winter clothes probably wouldn’t have much success marketing to people in Florida. In this situation, the customer does not need the goods, and even if they made a purchase, they’re unlikely to follow up and make another. Understanding exactly who you should be targeting promotes efficiency when converting leads. 

Utilize search engine optimization 

Search engine optimization (SEO) allows you to prominently show up in search engine results. While you can execute a paid campaign to appear above the search results, SEO tends to bring in higher-quality traffic and leads to higher conversion rates

Start by registering your domain name through platforms like Wix or GoDaddy. This allows you to create a website, which gives customers a landing place to find your business. 

You can execute a successful SEO campaign by running a blog on your website and including keywords and language that attracts potential customers. Do your homework beforehand to determine which keywords will be most relevant for your online marketing efforts. There are free tools online like Wordtracker to help with keyword research. 

You can also outsource your SEO to a professional who can create highly targeted SEO marketing campaigns. Typically, an experienced professional hired to run a local campaign will cost around $500 per month

More than 90% of web pages don’t receive organic search engine traffic, so there is plenty of opportunity to put yourself ahead of your competition. 72% of online marketers say content creation is the most effective SEO tactic, which drives organic (not paid) traffic to your website. Creating blogs and other SEO content on a regular basis is worth the investment of your time and money. 

Build more brand awareness 

Marketing is about influencing the perception of your company so customers will be interested in your product or service. One way to enhance this is through branding, which is the practice of actively shaping your brand, including creating a memorable logo or catchy slogan people will associate with your business.

An easy, quick step to take now to help build your brand is to claim your Yelp Business Page. Claiming your business listing is free and allows you to add your business details and contact information, upload photos, and respond to customer reviews. 

When a potential customer visits your Yelp Business Page, they’ll find a clear, easy-to-read page that gives them useful information about your company. Customers can also write online reviews, lending further credibility to your brand. It’s worth noting that research shows most people who read online reviews are influenced by them when making buying decisions. 


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Social media and online advertising 

Being active on social media and having an online advertising presence is an essential part of knowing how to market a cleaning business (or any business). When you consider that a growing number of consumers use social media to research products, it’s clear that having a social media presence can influence your target audience to hire your company. 

To start, create social media accounts for your company. You’ll want the name you use for your social media handles to be the same as your business name (or as close to it as possible). If you have a different name for your Pinterest, Facebook, or LinkedIn accounts, it may be challenging for customers to find you. Consistency is key when it comes to establishing your online presence as you want customers to be able to find you quickly. Once established, you can use your social media accounts to share photos and videos of your work, promote the services you offer, and even hold contests, giveaways, or discounts.

If you have the marketing budget, you may want to consider hiring an experienced digital marketer to help run your social media. Even hiring an expert freelancer to work a couple of hours per week or run a few marketing campaigns can free up time for you to focus on other aspects of your cleaning business. It will also maximize the effectiveness of your marketing efforts because you’re hiring an expert. 

Consider sites like Upwork and Fiverr to find freelance digital marketers who know how to market a cleaning business, and be sure to budget this into your small business startup costs.

Lead generation 

Lead generation is the initiation of consumer interest in your service and can be done through channels like direct mail or email marketing campaigns. Lead generation allows you to put new potential customers into your pipeline. 

Lead generation works best when used alongside other tactics. For example, email blasts can engage some customers but should not be your only outlet. Additional strategies for lead generation include hosting events, offering discounts or coupons, or creating a referral program, where previous or current customers refer others to your cleaning business. You can offer discounts or complimentary upgrades for referrers and new customers alike. 

In addition to simply sparking interest in your business, lead generation also helps you:

  • Build brand awareness 
  • Create relationships 
  • Generate genuine interest from others in your target market 
  • Close deals 

Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at a 33% lower cost. What’s more, only 35% of B2B marketers have established a lead-nurturing strategy. If you can get the hang of lead nurturing, you can set yourself apart from other cleaning services in your area. 

Reach potential customers by marketing your cleaning business 

Cleaner cleaning a small office

The marketplace for both office and house cleaning is competitive but brimming with potential and growth. If you run a cleaning service business, you’re likely looking for ways to set yourself apart from the competition.

Marketing allows you to convey professionalism to your target audience and highlights your competitive advantages. From enticing pricing to exceptional service, you can attract customers by showcasing your strongest features. 

There are a few different strategies to consider when figuring out how to market a cleaning business. Options like search engine optimization can help you rank organically in search engine results. You can also use Yelp, Facebook, and other online platforms to reach your target demographic through digital marketing campaigns

Remember your marketing campaign is a reflection of your business. The messaging you use to target customers can have a lasting impact on how potential clients view your company, so you want to take a methodical approach when launching and running campaigns.

Make sure you’ve set up your website and claimed your Yelp Business Page so customers have a one-stop-shop to learn more about your business. For more ways to promote your business, be sure to check out our guides on free online advertising and business growth strategies.

The information above is provided for educational and informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice and may not be suitable for your circumstances. Unless stated otherwise, references to third-party links, services, or products do not constitute endorsement by Yelp.