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091522 podcast review response strategies

Business Owners Make a Strong Case for Responding to Online Reviews

Hear from several business owners about how they use online reviews to strengthen their business practices, boost morale, and encourage customers to return again and again. Learn how to capitalize on your customer feedback to make lasting, positive changes.
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090822 podcast skull cakebones deep dive

Putting Mental Health On The Table With Skull & Cakebones

In this episode, Emily is joined again by Yauss and Sascha of the Texas craft bakery Skull & Cakebones to take a deep dive into their mental health journeys and how it has impacted their business. They also provide tips on how to ensure you’re bringing your best, healthiest self to work.
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090122 podcast durans

Duran’s is the Best Prescription for a New Mexican Food Craving

Duran Central Pharmacy is more than just a place to pick up a prescription—it's also home to a gift shop and beloved restaurant. Learn how owner Mona Ghattas caters to multiple audiences and has kept what works but also evolved to keep up with the times.
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082522 podcast doguespa

Building an Emotionally Invested Customer Base

Dogue Spa, a unique dog grooming salon in West Hollywood, California, does standard grooming, but it also uses color to make dogs look extra snazzy. Humans and dogs alike have been known to treat Dogue as a second home, where customers trust the experienced staff to go above and beyond.
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081822 podcast uncommon-closet

Building Competency as a Boss While Growing a Business

The experience at Uncommon Closet—a tailoring and custom clothing business—is intentionally inclusive. Hear how the emphasis on creating a positive, gender-affirming customer experience has remained throughout the business’s evolution.
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081122 podcast starbright

The Secret to Get Business Blooming From a New York Florist

Nearly 30 years into his business, Starbright Floral Design owner Nic Faitos is still having fun and finding unique and creative ways to work with clients and celebrate flowers. Plus customer Ali S. shares what sets Starbright apart from other floral shops.
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080422 podcast tres lecheria

Sometimes Change is the Best Ingredient in Small Business Success

Tres Lecheria Bakery in Seattle makes one thing, tres leches cakes. After pivoting from an assortment of baked goods to just the most popular, find out how Kevin Moulder’s business took off in some unexpected directions.
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072822 podcast skull and cakebones

Baking Your Experiences and Beliefs Into Your Business

Owners Yauss and Sascha of Skull & Cakebones have made their bakery a haven for all kinds of people. Hear how they’ve baked their own personal experiences and beliefs into their small business, creating a safe space in their community.
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072122 podcast robbins brothers

Developing a Customer Relationship with Longevity

The staff of Robbins Brothers connects customers with their dream piece of jewelry. Tune in to hear Kevin’s engagement ring shopping experience and how General Manager Charlotte helps foster a positive environment within what can be an intimidating realm of jewelry shopping.
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071422 podcast lara social

Mapping Out Your Social Media Strategy With Yelp’s Lara Betthauser

Yelp Social Media Manager Lara Betthauser shares tactics for managing your social media pages effectively—plus how to get over the scary idea of video content by using existing resources: your employees.
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070722 podcast Paws on Chicon

The Power of Educating Your Customer Base

Through a well-educated staff and a careful selection of products, Keith Zeiler has grown a dedicated following at his boutique pet store Paws on Chicon, with two locations in Austin, Texas.
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063022-podcast-farm ale brewing

Going Back to School for a Really Good Beer

Farm Ale Brewing Co. stays true to the history of its old schoolhouse, while brewing exceptionally good beer. Listen in to hear how they’re keeping things small and local to ensure the highest quality ingredients while supporting other local businesses in the area.
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Behind the Community: Spotlight on Your Local Yelp Team

Emily sits down with Gabi and Aimee—two Yelp employees who got their start as community managers—to discuss the importance of community and explain the inner workings of local Yelp networks.
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061622-podcast nola bliss

Working the Kinks Out of the Customer Experience

Nola Bliss Massage Therapy starts making clients comfortable before they even walk in the door. Hear how owner Sara has scaled from her solo operation to over 20 massage therapists and what keeps reviewer Swati coming back.
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060922-podcast social video

Strategizing for Social: The Video Edition

In this episode, Emily is joined by Yelp’s San Diego community manager, Anne, to chat about creating video content for social media. Anne shares actionable tips—including how to get that perfect shot and the benefits of scheduling apps—to help you level up your content.
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060222 Cakebread podcast

Aligning Brand Evolution with Tradition

Employees are your best brand ambassadors; they spread the mission and values, and they play a role in creating a great place to work. Join celebrated winery Cakebread Cellars in this episode to learn about developing workplace culture, hiring practices, and implementing team values in business.
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5_26 podcast CALA

Stellar Customer Service Starts with the Hiring Process

CALA, a Mediterranean oasis in the middle of the Arizona desert, is making an impact with its quality cuisine, customer communication, and exceptional service. Hear from GM Robert Meir about how he is building the team he credits with being ambassadors for the restaurant’s values.
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podcast featured img Prioritizing Your Mental Health to Impact Your Bottom Line

Prioritizing Your Mental Health to Impact Your Bottom Line

For many entrepreneurs and business owners, it might seem impossible to balance the demands of the business with your own mental health needs and personal wellbeing. Tune in for advice on prioritizing your wellness and directly impacting your bottom line and online reputation.
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podcast featured img Build the Plane as You’re Taking Off

Build the Plane as You’re Taking Off

Becoming a go-to spot takes consistency and a memorable experience. Hear the divide-and-conquer strategy that's made boutique plant company The Juicy Leaf a leader in the Los Angeles scene, plus listen in on the challenges they’ve faced along the way.
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podcast featured image The Key to Engaging Your Customer Base

The Key to Engaging Your Customer Base

Marketing expert Elizabeth Sexton shares how Aligned Modern Health, a multi-location holistic wellness business, manages their online presence while subtly showing their customers the power of online reviews.
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podcast featured img The Rippling Effects of Quality Customer Service

The Rippling Effects of Quality Customer Service

Auto House Tempe has changed the car industry's narrative by implementing thoughtful, personalized help. Reviewer Amber P. shares how Auto House became her family’s first choice for their auto needs.
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podcast featured img The Power of Getting Professionally Raw

The Power of Getting Professionally Raw

Business owners often worry more about coming across polished than being themselves. In this episode, hear from media expert Shawn Walchef on the importance of being authentic and professionally raw online.
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podcast featured img How Relationships Can Build Business Longevity

How Relationships Can Build Business Longevity

40 years ago, Toni and her uncle bought Rudy’s Bakery in Queens. Hear what reviewer Samantha loves most about Rudy's in this unique episode where we chat with the reviewer and owner together.
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podcast featured img Creating a Review Response Strategy

Creating a Review Response Strategy

Online reputation matters and is a reflection of the work you do in person with your customers. In this episode, hear advice from business owners and consumers about how to engage with your online audience and build a strategy that reflects your business.
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