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Agencies get more from a Yelp partnership

Joining the Yelp Advertising Partner Program unlocks exclusive resources that will help you drive results for your SMB clients, plus qualifies your agency to earn commission on their Yelp spend.

Invest in your company’s growth through a Yelp partnership that provides:

How to choose a business name that stands out


Everything you need to be set up for success, from specialized training to tailored sales materials to co-selling expertise. Each Yelp Advertising Partner has a dedicated team of Yelp professionals on-hand to be as hands-off or as in-the-weeds a consultant as desired.

How to write a business plan


Powerful campaign management and profile optimization features are accessible for all your client locations through an agency dashboard, Yelp Advertising Partners are fully equipped to reach the goals and drive the leads that matter most.


Not only can Yelp Advertising Partners offer exclusive pricing and discounts to their managed businesses, but our partner rewards structure allows you to earn money yourself as you grow Yelp spend across your client portfolio.

Let us explain

Yelp Advertising Partner Program for Agencies
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Connect your clients with purchase-ready consumers at scale

Whether your agency supports plumbers, dentists, or anything in-between, you can get them in front of the right audience at the moment of decision.



unique visitors come to Yelp every month.1



come to Yelp undecided about which business to choose.2



make a purchase after visiting Yelp.3

1-comScore Media Metrix, July 2021

2-Yelp internal data, H1 2019

3-June 2019 Survey by SurveyMonkey Audience of people who reported having used Yelp in the prior 3 months

Yelp advertising solutions attract and convert quality leads for your clients



Connect your clients with customers

Yelp’s hyperlocal search ads attract a steady stream of consumers that are searching for a business like your client’s to spend money with.

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Drive engagement with an Enhanced Profile

Additional profile features and page upgrades make it easy to manage your client’s brand while showcasing what makes their business unique.

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Learn how to level up your agency, on Yelp and beyond


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Invest in your company’s growth. Partner with Yelp.

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